2003 and Earlier Press Releases
Stephen Gill Announces M.C. Gill Corporation Hurricane Relief Donation
El Monte, California - 11 December 2005
AS9100 Certification for Alcore
Edgewood, Maryland - 17 October 2005
M.C. Gill Corporation Teams with Triumph Composite Systems to Supply Airbus A380F Floor Panel System
Spokane, Washington - 10 October 2005
Alcore's StrikegridT CEAF Composite Protection Against Lighting Strikes Showcased at International Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity
Seattle, Washington - 5 September 2005
Kevlar® Honeycomb Core Qualification for M.C. Gill Corporation
Seattle, Washington - 18 July 2005
Castle Industries Awarded Vought Preferred Performer Program Recognition
Ontario, California - 8 December 2004
US Navy Awards Foreign Comparative Test Program Contract to Alcore
Edgewood, Maryland - 9 November 2004
New Alcore Aluminum Foil Protects Against Corrosion and Lightning Strikes PAA StrikegridT 1145 Continuous Expanded Aluminum Foil (CEAF) being introduced by Alcore
Edgewood, Maryland - 1 October 2004
Korex® Honeycomb Phase Out - N636 Kevlar® Honeycomb Logical Replacement
- 22 September 2004
Vacuum Formed Custom Interior Parts - New Castle Industries Offering
Ontario, California - 12 August 2004
Jeremy Hale Appointed M.C. Gill Corporation Northwest Regional Sales Manager
Seattle, Washington - 1 December 2003
Alcore Honeycomb Helps Batters Play Ball
Seattle, Washington - 19 November 2003
Former Cubmaster M.C. Gill Recognized by Boy Scouts
El Monte, California - 9 November 2003
New Gillite™ 1401 Transparent Laminate - A Structural Laminate You Can See Through
El Monte, California - 1 October 2003
Recycler of the Year Award for M.C. Gill Corporation
El Monte, California - 23 September 2003
Major New Web Site and Mini-CD Communication Tools
El Monte, California - 10 November 2002
Castle Industries, Inc. of California to Supply Operator Seats for Boeing's Multimission Maritime Aircraft
Ontario, California - 1 November 2002
Major Addition to French Facility
Anglet, France - 15 October 2002
Transparent Cargo Liner Allows for Easy Inspection
El Monte, California - 10 October 2002
Even Heating by New Dielectric Press Cures Honeycomb Blocks Faster
El Monte, California - 1 October 2002
Major R&D Lab Expansion Enhances New Product Development Efforts
El Monte, California - 25 September 2002
Merwyn C. Gill Way Leads to Easy Street
El Monte, California - 15 August 2002
Kevlar® Honeycomb Saves Weight
El Monte, California - 28 June 2002
Tamara M. Christen Named M.C. Gill Corporation Director of New Business Development
El Monte, California - 28 June 2002
M.C. Gill Provides USC School of Engineering $7 Million Gift
El Monte, California - 29 October 2001
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