The Gill Corporation
The Gill Product Description
Unidirectional fiberglass reinforced epoxy facings/aluminum honeycomb core floor panel. Qualified to McDonnell Douglas specification BZZ 7002 Ty IV and V.
Woven fiberglass reinforced phenolic facings/Nomex® honeycomb core, lightweight, high performance, low smoke and toxicity sandwich panel.
Gillfab® 5075 is a family of lightweight, high performance sandwich panels designed for use in aircraft cabin interior structures such as galleys, lavatories, bulkheads, partitions, stowage compartments and crew rests.
Gillfab® 5120 Panel is a very thin sandwich panel made with aluminum skins and aluminum honeycomb.
An aircraft grade sandwich panel made from aluminum alloy facings bonded to end grain balsa wood core. McDonnell Douglas Drawing S4929905.
Unidirectional fiberglass reinforced epoxy facings/aluminum honeycomb core floor panel. Qualified to Boeing specification BMS 4-23 Types I and II.
Gillfab® 5433E sandwich panel is made from aluminum facings bonded to a woven fiberglass reinforced epoxy core.
Gillfab® 5509 panel is a low smoke aircraft sandwich panel with facings made from phenolic resin reinforced with crossplied unidirectional carbon and Kevlar honeycomb core.
Gillpatch® 6006 System is a fiberglass reinforced polyester laminate with a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the back side.
Gillpatch® III 6306 System is a new generation cargo repair patch featuring greater flexibility and reduced weight as compared to its predecessor, Gillpatch® II.
Commercial grade aramid paper reinforced phenolic (Nomex®) honeycomb core.
Gillcore® HD is an aramid fiber (Nomex®) reinforced honeycomb which is coated with phenolic resin.
Gillcore® HK is a Kevlar® N636 reinforced honeycomb. N636 is the commercial designation for DuPont's Kevlar paper for use in honeycomb core. It offers a significant 25% weight savings over Nomex® honeycomb.
The Gill Corp. offers a family of cargo liner repair systems designed for the permanent repair of damaged liners in commercial transport aircraft. Each patch system is designed to repair liners of specific types and in specific locations, and within defined extents of damage. Gillpatch® repair systems, and their applications, are described in the following data sheets.

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