The Gill Product Description
Gillfab® 5075 is a family of lightweight, high performance sandwich panels designed for use in aircraft cabin interior structures such as galleys, lavatories, bulkheads, partitions, stowage compartments and crew rests.
Woven fiberglass reinforced phenolic facings meta-aramid honeycomb core, lightweight, high performance, low smoke and toxicity sandwich panel.
Gillfab® 4117 is a sandwich panel made with facings of fiberglass cloth reinforced epoxy laminate and aramid honeycomb core.
Gillfab® 4034 panel is a high performance sandwich panel with epoxy resin pre-impregnated carbon facings and aluminum core.
Aluminum facings/aluminum honeycomb core sandwich panel. Qualified to Lockheed specification LAC-C-28-1145 Ty 5, 7, 9 and 10.
Woven fiberglass reinforced phenolic facings/ honeycomb core sandwich panel. Qualified to McDonnell Douglas specifications 9100059, S3933941, S3933942.

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