Product Description
Woven fiberglass reinforced phenolic "h" profile used for the installation of cargo decompression panels. Qualified to Airbus technical specification 2550 M1M 0004 00.
IMPORTANT -- READ THIS INSTRUCTION SHEET BEFORE PROCEEDING First, decide if the damage can be patched. If not, the cargo liner must be replaced. The patch must extend at least 2 inches beyond all sides of a puncture. Straight tears of any length can be repaired, but the damage must not be closer than 3 inches from any seam, screws, or trim strips; and the patch must extend at least 3 inches from all edges of the damage. The margin for L-shaped tears can be 2 inches, and a single square or rectangular patch must be used to cover this type of damage.
Gillpatch® 6006 System is a fiberglass reinforced polyester laminate with a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the back side.
Gillpatch® III 6306 System is a new generation cargo repair patch featuring greater flexibility and reduced weight as compared to its predecessor, Gillpatch® II.

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