Product Description
Gillpatch® III 6306 System is a new generation cargo repair patch featuring greater flexibility and reduced weight as compared to its predecessor, Gillpatch® II.
Gillpatch® 6006 System is a fiberglass reinforced polyester laminate with a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the back side.
IMPORTANT -- READ THIS INSTRUCTION SHEET BEFORE PROCEEDING First, decide if the damage can be patched. If not, the cargo liner must be replaced. The patch must extend at least 2 inches beyond all sides of a puncture. Straight tears of any length can be repaired, but the damage must not be closer than 3 inches from any seam, screws, or trim strips; and the patch must extend at least 3 inches from all edges of the damage. The margin for L-shaped tears can be 2 inches, and a single square or rectangular patch must be used to cover this type of damage.
Woven fiberglass reinforced phenolic "h" profile used for the installation of cargo decompression panels. Qualified to Airbus technical specification 2550 M1M 0004 00.

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