The Gill Corporation Successfully Completes NADCAP Audit

- 5 May 2017

El Monte, California - The NADCAP Management Council has awarded The Gill Corporation accreditation for AC 7114/1 and AC7114 Rev J - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Non Destructive Testing (NDT). This audit recognizes conformity for specific services as listed on the Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) at www.eAuditNet.com. This is the first successful NADCAP audit for the new facility at the El Monte campus, earning accreditation for the next 12 months.

NADCAP is a worldwide cooperative program of industry prime contractors that governs precise standards used to measure the competency, capability and consistency of suppliers and associated products within the aerospace and automotive industries. It's mission is to provide international, unbiased, independent manufacturing process and product assessments and certification services to add value, reduce costs, and facilitate relationships between primes and suppliers.

The Gill Corporation and its’ subsidiaries; Alcore Inc, Alcore Brigantine and The Gill Corporation Europe Ltd, are vertically integrated to offer advanced composite material solutions for the 21st century. The Gill Corporation is headquartered in El Monte, CA.

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Carrie Copeland – Corporate Marketing

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