M.C. Gill Corporation and 3M Announce Agreement

El Monte, California - 27 May 2011

El Monte, Ca. –– 3M and M.C. Gill Corporation announce the signing of a mutual commercialization and supply agreement that allows M.C. Gill Corporation to purchase 3M™ Matrix Resin for use in commercial and military aerospace interior applications. The resulting composite applications are expected to improve M.C. Gill Corporation’s product offerings in terms of weight reduction and strength to weight ratios. "Early in the development of our matrix resin, we envisioned the possibilities it would unlock in the aerospace interiors market, but we had to find the right company to represent our technology in that arena," said Vic Genco, General Manager for the 3M Engineered Products and Materials Department. "We're thrilled about the new relationship with M.C. Gill Corporation, which has a tremendous reputation in these industries." M.C. Gill Corporation manufactures high-performance composites that are used as liners in air freighters and baggage compartments. Additionally, M.C. Gill Corporation floor panels, interior panels and honeycomb are standard OEM and replacement equipment on many aircraft. The addition of 3M Matrix Resin is expected to deliver weight reduction in these composites without compromising strength, leading to improved fuel efficiency and durability. "3M's matrix resin is a game-changing technology that will make our market-leading solutions even stronger in industries that are primed for the use of high-performance composites," said Stephen Gill, Chairman and CEO, M.C. Gill Corporation. "Our companies have a shared vision of product excellence, and together we’re bringing that vision to the aerospace market." 3M Matrix Resin, a proprietary resin technology, enables the production of stronger, lighter, more durable composites. 3M’s proprietary resin technology makes it possible for manufacturers to avoid the traditional tradeoff between toughness / flexibility and stiffness /hardness; instead, the resin improves performance properties on both ends of the scale. "With our company's deep experience in nanotechnology and materials science, our matrix resin is just another one of those great 3M stories," expanded Genco. "The R&D engines have taken these base technologies - used in various divisions of 3M – and have developed a material that is finding numerous applications across multiple industries." M.C. Gill Corporation is one of the world's largest manufacturers of honeycomb, high performance floor panels, cargo compartment liners and original equipment for passenger and freighter aircraft. The company also excels in many other types of reinforced plastics including interior sandwich panels for creating structures such as aircraft galleys and bulkheads, honeycomb core and related products.

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