Gillfab® 5433E

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Gillfab® 5433E is a hybrid laminate made from aluminum facings bonded to a woven fiberglass reinforced epoxy laminate.


The laminate is designed for use as a cargo compartment flooring panel in high traffic areas such as the cargo compartment door area and in bulk cargo areas.


  • Dent, puncture, and abrasion resistant
  • High strength
  • Fire resistant
  • Recommended service temperature range: up to 160°F (71°C)


Thickness, inch (mm)0.050 (1.27)
Length, inch (mm)Typical 96 (2,438)
Maximum 144 (3,658)
Width, inch (mm)Typical 48 (1,219)
Facings (face/back), inch (mm)0.016/0.020 (0.406/0.508) and 0.020/0.016 (0.508/0.406)


Reinforcement: Epoxy woven fiberglass reinforced laminate

Facing: Aluminum Alloy 2024-T3


  • Boeing BMS 7-326, Type VII, Class 2/1
  • FAR 25.853 and 25.855 Appendix F Part I

Alternative Gill Products

TGC Product No.Difference
Gillfab® 5433ASame construction with the option of primer on the bottom face.

Performance Properties, Typical

The following tests are run in accordance with BMS 7-326.

TGC Part Number5433E*
Thickness, inch (mm)0.058 (1.47)
Weight, psf (kg/m2)0.75 (3.67)
Impact Strength, ft-lbs (N-m)35 (47.5)
Tensile Strength, ksi (MPa)Longitudinal93 (641)
Long transverse88 (606)
Roller Peel Strength, lbs/inch (N/25mm)Face side44 (196)
Back side50 (222)
Water absorption, %0
FlammabilityMeets requirement of 25.853 & 855 Part I and III
FormabilityNo cracking, fracturing or delaminating

*Test based on 5433E panels with 0.016″/0.020″ facings.

Figures shown reflect typical values and should not be used as design specifications.

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