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Discover the Boeing 777: The World's Most Popular Wide-Body Aircraft

Chairman's Corner
Air Canada Flight 797 - Part 1
On 2 June 1983, Air Canada flight 797 left Dallas/Fort Worth airport bound for Toronto. As it approached...
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Collaboration Between The Gill Corporation and USC Wins Several Awards at the SAMPE Bridge Contest
El Monte, California – USC Advanced Composites Design Lab, advised by Prof. Bo Jin (University of Southern...
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Paperless pr pic-Jun23-23
The Gill Corporation Goes Paperless
El Monte, California – The Gill Corporation (TGC) successfully implemented paperless Work Orders (WO)...
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A long time ago, when I was working as the Production Manager we received a call from Lockheed Aircraft...
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Metron and Israel2
The Gill Corporation Successfully Implements Energy Efficient Program
El Monte, California –The Gill Corporation (TGC) recently completed a project to reduce the organization’s...
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Website homepage printscreen
The Gill Corporation Launches New Website
El Monte, California – The Gill Corporation (TGC) announces the launch of an all-new online experience...
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The Gill Corporation Announces New Gillfab® 4037 Sandwich Panel
El Monte, California – The Gill Corporation is proud to announce the new Gillfab® 4037 sandwich panel...
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Laminating Machine
The Gill Corporation’s early success was based on our ability to do wet layup of polyester cargo liner....
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Discover the Boeing 777: The World's Most Popular Wide-Body Aircraft
As one of the leading aircraft manufacturers in the world, Boeing is known for its innovative approach...
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Boeing 787 Dreamliner: The Future of Commercial Aviation
Since the advent of jet engines over 65 years ago, commercial aviation has been revolutionized, and the...
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The Airbus A320: A Game-Changer in Commercial Aviation
Almost four decades ago, Airbus Industries introduced the A320, a twin-engine, single-aisle aircraft...
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Wild Kitten
Many years ago, a wild kitten took up residence at our facility. Our production crew would eat lunch...
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