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How Advanced Composite Panels are Transforming Aircraft Interiors

Chairman's Corner
What Could Be Going Wrong - Part 1
When I began my career at The Gill Corporation my position was supervisor of Line #2. We had a huge (for...
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How Advanced Composite Panels are Transforming Aircraft Interiors
Let’s take a moment to appreciate the invisible heroes working behind the scenes to ensure a smooth,...
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Truck Day
I’ve been a baseball fan most of my life. When I was young and became interested in baseball there were...
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boa constrictor
Boa Constrictor Story
When The Gill Corporation moved to its current location in El Monte, there was an industrial company...
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Sonaca group pic
The Gill Corporation-France Secures Honeycomb Parts Contract with SONACA for Airbus Programs
El Monte, California – November 7, 2023:  The Gill Corporation-France (TGC-France) has been awarded a...
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Air Canada Flight 797 - Part 2
In a previous article I described Air Canada’s flight 797 and the effect it had on our industry. With...
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lampe Mini Nida offerte au Roi Charles III_01
An Aluminum Honeycomb Application Far Away from the Business and Opportunities We Usually Deal With!
Anglet, France – For several years now, The Gill Corporation-France (TGC-France) has collaborated with...
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Air Canada Flight 797 - Part 1
On 2 June 1983, Air Canada flight 797 left Dallas/Fort Worth airport bound for Toronto. As it approached...
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Collaboration Between The Gill Corporation and USC Wins Several Awards at the SAMPE Bridge Contest
El Monte, California – USC Advanced Composites Design Lab, advised by Prof. Bo Jin (University of Southern...
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Paperless pr pic-Jun23-23
The Gill Corporation Goes Paperless
El Monte, California – The Gill Corporation (TGC) successfully implemented paperless Work Orders (WO)...
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A long time ago, when I was working as the Production Manager we received a call from Lockheed Aircraft...
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Metron and Israel2
The Gill Corporation Successfully Implements Energy Efficient Program
El Monte, California –The Gill Corporation (TGC) recently completed a project to reduce the organization’s...
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