Safety Data Sheets

We make it easy for you to access comprehensive and clear Safety Data Sheets for all of our products. With this important information at your fingertips, you can confidently handle and use our products, ensuring the safety of yourself and others.

1109-01Expanded Aluminum Foil (EAF)
4570-02-ADura-Core® with foil gauge 0.0020” or thinner
4570-02-BDura-Core® with foil gauge thicker than 0.0020”
5027-03-AExpanded PAA-Core® with foil gauge 0.00095” or thinner
5027-03-BExpanded PAA-Core® with foil gauge thicker than 0.00095”
8134-04Corrugated PAA-Core®
9044 03Corrugated Dura-Core®
SDS 101Gilliner® 0990C Tan
SDS 102Gillfab® 1002 Laminate, Gillfab® 1007 Laminate, Gillfab® 1042 Laminate, Gillfab® 1058 Laminate, Gillfab® 1082 Laminate, Gillfab® 1091 Laminate, Gillfab® 1167A Laminate, Gillfab® 1302 Laminate, Gillfab® 1342 Laminate, Gillfab® 1367H Laminate, Gillfab® 1394 Laminate, Gillfab® 7101 Laminate
SDS 103Gillfab® 1067 Laminate, Gillfab® 1102 Laminate, Gillfab® 1167 Laminate, Gillfab® 1367 Laminate, Gillfab® 1367A Laminate, Gillfab® 1367B Laminate, Gillfab® 1367C Laminate, Gillfab® 1367E Laminate, Gillfab® 1367F Laminate, Gillfab® 1367G Laminate, Gillfab® 1367M Laminate, Gillfab® 1367O Laminate, Gillfab® 3072 Profiles
SDS 104Gillcore® HA Honeycomb, Gillcore® HD Honeycomb
SDS 105Gillfab® 4117 Panel, Gillfab® 4321 Panel, Gillfab® 4321B Panel, Gillfab® 4405A Panel, Gillfab® 4405B Panel, Gillflab® 4117A Panel, Gillfloor® 4017T Panel, Gillfloor® 4417 Panel, Gillfloor® 4417A Panel, Gillfloor® 4417B Panel, Gillfloor® 4417C Panel, Gillfloor® 4417G Panel
SDS 106Gillpatch® III
SDS 107Gillfab® 1360A Laminate, Gillfab® 1360B Laminate
SDS 108Gillcore® HK Honeycomb
SDS 110Gillfab® 4022 Panel
SDS 112Gillfab® 5024D, Gillfab® 5024N, Gillfab® 5065 Panel, Gillfloor® 5424 Panel, Gillfloor® 5424E Panel
SDS 113Gillfab® 4109 Panel, Gillfab® 4205 Panel, Gillfab® 4505 Panel, Gillfab® 4605 Panel, Gillfab® 5509 Panel, Gillfloor® 4509 Panel, Gillfloor® 4609 Panel
SDS 114Gillfab® 4004 Panel, Gillfab® 4004A Panel, Gillfab® 4004B Panel, Gillfab® 4123 Panel, Gillfab® 4123A Panel, Gillfab® 4223 Panel, Gillfab® 4322 Panel, Gillfab® 4323 Panel, Gillfab® 4522 Panel, Gillfab® 4523 Panel, Gillfab® 4623 Panel
SDS 115Gillfab® 5071A Panel, Gillfab® 5071B Panel, Gillfab® 5071C Panel, Gillfab® 5072A Panel, Gillfab® 5072B Panel, Gillfab® 5072C Panel, Gillfab® 5074 Panel, Gillfab® 5075 Panel, Gillfab® 5078 Panel
SDS 117Gillfab® 4122A Panel, Gillfab® 4122B Panel, Gillfab® 4122C Panel, Gillfab® 4122S Panel, Gillfab® 4422 Panel
SDS 118Gillfab® 4009 Panel, Gillfab® 4710 Panel, Gillfab® 5110 Panel, Gillfloor® 4709 Panel, Gillfloor® 4709C Panel, Gillfloor® 4709S Panel, Gillfloor® 4709T Panel
SDS 125Gillfab® 4030 Panel, Gillfab® 5020 Panel
SDS 126Gillfab® 5007A Panel, Gillfab® 5007B Panel, Gillfab® 5007C Panel, Gillfab® 5018T Panel
SDS 128Gillfab® 5042A
SDS 130Gillfloor® 4809, Gillfloor® 4809C
SDS 133Gillfloor® 4518
SDS 134Gillfab® 4034, Gillfab® 4035
SDS 136Gillfab® 1109 Laminate, Gillfab® 1137 Laminate
SDS 137Gilliner® 1066, Gilliner® 1066R, Gilliner® 1066S, Gilliner® 1066T, Gilliner® 1076C, Gilliner® 1076D, Gilliner® 1366, Gilliner® 1366D, Gilliner® 1366T, Gillliner® 1366W, Gillpatch® 6006
SDS 138GillVANA® 4809G
SDS 140Gillfab® 1368A, Gillfab® 1368B, Gillfab® 1368E, Gillfab® 1368G, Gillfab® 1369A, Gillfab® 1370A
SDS 141Gillfab® 5040, Gillfab® 5040L, Gillfab® 5040Q, Gillfab® 5040X
SDS 142Gilliner ® 1566, Gilliner ® 1566C, Gilliner ® 1566D, Gilliner ® 1566T
SDS 143Gillfab® 4036, Gillfab® 4037
SDS 145Gillcore® HF5035 Honeycomb
SDS 146GillBOND™
SDS 147Gillfab® 4124, Gillfab® 4125
SDS 148Gillfab® 4038
SDS 149Gillfab® 5023A
SDS 150Gillfab® 1100, Gilliner® 1570A, Gilliner®1567A, Gilliner®1568A, Gilliner®1569A


The Gill Corporation is committed to being a responsible global supplier by complying with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation (REACH). All products manufactured and sold by The Gill Corporation are exempt from REACH registration in accordance with the regulations. The Gill Corporation provides our customers with product Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as a form of hazard communication. These SDS contain all appropriate REACH information and are available on our website at If you have difficulty locating the applicable SDS, please send an inquiry via the email address below.


For REACH related inquires please send an email to All relevant REACH information is provided in our SDS. The Gill Corporation is unable to provide responses to individual questionnaires regarding REACH.

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