Product Data Sheets

At The Gill Corporation, we strive to provide our customers with comprehensive and easily accessible information about our products. That’s why we offer detailed and user-friendly Product Data Sheets for all of our offerings. 

ALPHEX™ English
ALPHEX™ French
Gillcore® HA
Gillcore® HD Honeycomb
GIllcore® HF5035
Gillcore® HK
Gillfab® 1002
Gillfab® 1042
Gillfab® 1100
Gillfab® 1137
Gillfab® 1167
Gillfab® 1367
Gillfab® 1367A_C
Gillfab® 1367B/M
Gillfab® 1367G
Gillfab® 1368A/E
Gillfab® 1368B
Gillfab® 1368G
Gillfab® 1369A
Gillfab® 1370A
Gillfab® 3072
Gillfab® 4004A
Gillfab® 4004B
Gillfab® 4009
Gillfab® 4022
Gillfab® 4030
Gillfab® 4034
Gillfab® 4037
Gillfab® 4109
Gillfab® 4117
Gillfab® 4117A
Gillfab® 4122A/B
Gillfab® 4122S
Gillfab® 4123
Gillfab® 4223
Gillfab® 4321
Gillfab® 4405A/B
Gillfab® 4422
Gillfab® 4505
Gillfab® 4522
Gillfab® 4523
Gillfab® 4605
Gillfab® 5040
Gillfab® 5065
Gillfab® 5071A/5072A
Gillfab® 5075
Gillfab® 5120
Gillfab® 5142
Gillfab® 5433E
Gillfab® 5509
Gillfloor® 4017T
Gillfloor® 4417/4417A
Gillfloor® 4509
Gillfloor® 4518
Gillfloor® 4609
Gillfloor® 4709
Gillfloor® 4809
Gillfloor® 5007C/D
Gillfloor® 5424
Gilliner® 1066/1066R
Gilliner® 1366/1366T
Gilliner® 1366B/E
Gilliner® 1366D
Gilliner® 1567A
Gilliner® 1568A
Gilliner® 1569A/1570A
Gillliner® 1076C
Gillliner® 1076D
Gillpatch® 6006
Gillpatch® 6306
GillVANA® 4809G
PAA CORE® 5052
PAA CORE® 5056

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