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Gillfab® 3072 h-Profile
Gillfab® 3072 is a formed ‘h’ profile produced with layers of woven glass reinforced phenolic and a white...
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Gillfab® 4004A
Gillfab® 4004A is a low smoke sandwich panel made from unidirectional fiberglass reinforced phenolic...
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Gillfab® 4009
Gillfab® 4009 is a light weight, high strength sandwich panel made with uni-directional carbon fiber...
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Gillfab® 4030
Gillfab® 4030 is a semi-structural sandwich panel made from aluminum facings bonded to aluminum honeycomb...
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Gillfab® 4117
Gillfab® 4117 is a sandwich panel made with facings of fiberglass cloth reinforced epoxy laminate and...
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Gillfab 4122A/B image
Gillfab® 4122A/B
Gillfab® 4122A/B is a light weight and low smoke emission sandwich panel made from woven glass reinforced...
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Gillfab® 5040 image
Gillfab® 5040
Gillfab® 5040 is a commercial grade sandwich panel made from aluminum alloy facings bonded to end grain...
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Gillfloor® 4017T image
Gillfloor® 4017T
Gillfloor® 4017T is a light weight flooring panel made from unidirectional fiberglass reinforced epoxy...
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