At The Gill Corporation, we are dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality products that are essential to the aerospace and advanced composites industries. Our passion for excellence is evident in every product we create, from our signature honeycomb core materials to our cutting-edge floor panels and aircraft insulation.

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Industries Served

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Industries Served

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Our expertly crafted materials offer superior protection and durability for the interior walls and ceilings of baggage and freight compartments.

Made with the latest advancements in composite materials technology, our sandwich panels deliver unbeatable support for a safe and smooth flight.

Our panels are engineered with precision and manufactured to the strictest standards, ensuring that they meet the demanding requirements of modern aircraft interiors.

With our dedication to quality and innovation, you can have confidence that every piece of our fabricated parts will take your aircraft production to the next level.

Our team of experts works closely with our valued customers across various industries to design and engineer materials that address their specific needs, helping them take their productions to the next level.

Our expertly manufactured product, consisting of sheet material formed into hexagonal or rectangular-shaped cells, serves as the foundation for the sandwich construction of components across a diverse range of industries.

Transform your structures with our machined honeycomb assemblies. Our expertise in honeycomb and precision CNC machining produces components qualified to aerospace specs, with varying cell sizes, densities and paper thicknesses available.

Elevate your industrial applications with our commercial-grade panels. Our bonding expertise produces panels with a complete range of structural core materials and various skins. From basic to complex shapes, trust us to deliver high-quality technical parts.

Revolutionize your shock absorption solutions with our innovative designs. Harness the energy-absorbing power of honeycomb to provide unparalleled protection for challenging applications in aerospace, high-speed trains, hazardous materials transportation and automobile safety.

The industries we serve.

If it moves, if it flies, or you’re working with something a little more stuck to the ground, we’ve got you covered. With our advanced technologies and innovative approach, we can help you achieve new heights in your chosen industry.

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