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Anglet, France – For several years now, The Gill Corporation-France (TGC-France) has collaborated with and supplied honeycomb to Vincent Poujardieu, a furniture and lighting designer. Vincent Poujardieu uses our honeycomb for his creations and in particular for lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers in several of his lighting collections.

The NIDA collection is the result of a collaboration between designer Vincent Poujardieu and TGC-France. In 2019, Vincent Poujardieu decided to research and develop the honeycomb structure for lighting applications. The origin of the first NIDA luminaire collection is inspired by a honeycomb in its natural state. Each NIDA creation is composed of a structure of aluminum honeycomb slices in different sizes, with a gold surface finish. The polygons create a subtle, kinetic diffraction of light. The first NIDA lamps, imagined in sculptural dimensions, were limited editions of 8. They have been a great success since their launch in 2019, which has led to the development of a collection of new pieces, which today are presented by Galerie Gosserez in Paris.

Vincent Poujardieu is also introducing 2 new collections, Bee White and ONID, as well as a new chandelier design, the Bee Circle.

Several recent events reflect Vincent Poujardieu’ s growing international reputation:

  • 2020, the two numbered Nida lamps were acquired by “Le Mobilier National” in Paris and entered in its collection.
  • In 2021, the Nida floor lamp and the Mini Nida Lamp were acquired by the French Embassy in the United States and are now installed at the Villa Albertine in New York.
  • In September 2023, the Bordeaux City Council presented a Mini Nida lamp to King Charles III and his wife Camilla, during their visit to Bordeaux. The lamp will be installed at Buckingham Palace.
  • At the end of 2023, a Bee Circle chandelier will be installed in New York and another in Dubai.





  1. Mini Nida Lamp
  2. Mini Nida Lamp (Detail)
  3. Mini Nida Lamp (Detail)
  4. Floor Lamp Nida
  5. Nida Chandelier
  6. Nida Chandelier
  7. Bee White Lamp
  8. Mini Nida Lamp offered to King Charles III and his wife Camilla in September 2023, with Vincent Poujardieu, in the lounge of the Bordeaux City Hall
  9. Chandelier Bee Circle that will be installed in New York end 2023


ABOUT POUJARDIEU-DESIGN : Vincent Poujardieu is a furniture and lighting designer. Born in Bordeaux in 1963, Vincent Poujardieu is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux. His creations are a constant challenge to materials and their shaping processes. The designer’s activities encompass research, development and design of projects applied to furniture, objects and one-off pieces. He is surrounded by highly efficient French industrial partners and prestigious craftsmen.

In 2012, Vincent Poujardieu was awarded the “Connaissance des Arts” prize by the Académie Nationale des Sciences, des Belles Lettres et des Arts de Bordeaux, and in 2019, he is the winner of the FD100 International Prize for the 100 best French designers.

In 2020, the “Nida” table lamp entered the collections of the Mobilier National and in 2021, the “Nida” floor lamp and the “Mini Nida” were acquired by the French Embassy in the United States and are now installed at the Villa Albertine in New York.

Vincent Poujardieu: POUJARDIEU-DESIGN
Phone: +0 (33) 685 807 615
Instagram: @vincentpoujardieu


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