Gillfab® 5023A


Gillfab® 5023A is a lightweight and low smoke emission sandwich panel made from woven fiberglass reinforced phenolic facings bonded to foam core.


The panel is designed for use in aircraft cabin interior structures as well as aerospace service carts and trolleys. Panel can also be used for non-aerospace applications where a foam core panel with fire resistance and low smoke emission is desired.


  • Low smoke emission
  • Fire resistant
  • Easily cut and machined
  • Uniform, non-porous facings facilitate the application of paint or other decorative overlays with minimal surface preparation


Thickness, inch (mm)0.177 (4.50)
Facing Thickness,
Face/back, inch (mm)
0.010/0.010 (0.254/0.254)
Length, inch (mm)Typical 96.4 (2,448)
Width, inch (mm)Typical 39.7 (1,008)
Foam Core Density
pcf (kg/m3)
4.37 (70), 6.24 (100), 9.36 (150)

Alternate face skins available upon request.


Adhesive: Modified phenolic

Core: Foam core

Facing Reinforcement: Fiberglass cloth

Facing Resin System: Phenolic

1 mil white polyvinyl fluoride film overlay can be added to one or both sides.


  • FAR 25.853 – 60 second vertical flammability requirement.

Performance Properties, Typical

TGC Part Number5023A
PET Foam Density pcf (kg/m3)4.37 (70)6.24 (100)9.36 (150)
Thickness, in (mm)0.177 (4.50)0.177 (4.50)0.177 (4.50)
Weight, psf (kg/m2)0.305 (1.49)0.333 (1.63)0.379 (1.85)
Long Beam Bending1, lbf (N), Ribbon60 (266)100 (444)160 (711)
Stabilized Compression2, psi (MPa)140 (0.965)210 (1.44)400 (2.75)
Thermal Conductivity3,
BTU-inch/hrft2°F (W/mK)
0.2746 (0.0396)
FlammabilityMeets FAR 25.853 App F Part I (a)(1)(i)

Table shown reflects typical values and should not be used as design specifications.
<sup>1</sup>Long Beam Bending was tested and calculated per ASTM D7249 (Quarter Point Loading – 12-inch specimen)
<sup>2</sup>Stabilized Compression was tested and calculated per ASTM C365.
<sup>3</sup>Thermal Conductivity was tested and calculated per ASTM C518.

Figures shown reflect typical values and should not be used in design specifications.

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