Commercial Grade Aluminum Honeycomb


The Gill Corporation’s most economical aluminum honeycomb, Commercial Grade Honeycomb is a lightweight structural core material that offers excellent strength and corrosion resistance to meet a wide variety of applications.

An advanced protection system is applied to the aluminum foil prior to processing into honeycomb, extending its service life in hot, wet and corrosive environments. The Gill Corporation produces three grades of Commercial Grade Honeycomb: Commercial Grade Honeycomb, our standard grade. Commercial Grade Honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb is a high performance, low cost core material, perfect for architectural, transportation, marine and other commercial/industrial applications.


  • Architectural and building panels
  • Industrial equipment
  • Marine panels
  • Tooling board
  • Railcar floors, walls
  • Airflow straightness
  • Automotive, trucking
  • Energy absorption
  • Panels, doors, covers, shelving


  • Moisture resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Service temperature up to 350° F/177° C
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Fire resistant
  • Fungus resistant
  • Excellent energy absorption
  • Machinable
  • Low cost/excellent value


  • Unexpanded blocks
  • Unexpanded slices
  • Expanded sheets
  • Pieces cut to size


Commercial Grade Honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb is available with cell perforations to facilitate venting.
Custom dimensions, cell sizes, tolerances and mechanical properties are available

How to Order

When ordering, please specify Commercial Grade Honeycomb using the following format:
Example: Commercial Grade Honeycomb – 3.5 – 1/4 – N – E, where

ProductDensityCell SizePerforated or Non-PerforatedExpanded or Unexpanded
Commercial Grade Honeycomb3.51/4P or NE or U


Substrate: 3000 series aluminum

Coating: None (anodized)

Available Dimensions

Ribbon (L) inch (mm)48 (1,219)100 (2,540)+4.0 / -0.0 (+101.6 / -0.0)
Transverse (W) inch (mm)96 (2,438)300 (7,620)+8.0 / -0.0 (+203.2 / -0.0)
Thickness (T) inch (mm)35 (889)
up to 4 inches (102 mm) T±0.008 (±0.203)
over to 4 inches (102 mm) T±0.062 (±1.575)
Densitysee mechanical characteristics chart±15%
Cell Sizesee mechanical characteristics chart±15%

Mechanical Characteristics

(Commercial Grade Aluminum Honeycomb Typical values at 75° F / 23° C)

Density Cell SizeBare Compressive StrengthCrush StrengthShear StrengthShear Modulus
lbs/ft3 – inchespsiMPapsiMPapsiMPapsiMPaksiMPaksiMPa
5.2 – 1/46404.412501.733802.622201.527048340276
3.6 – 3/83502.411300.902401.651400.974631723159
2.6 – 1/21951.34750.521501.03850.592819315104
1.8 – 3/41250.86500.341100.76700.48201381069
1.3 – 1.0850.59300.21700.48500.341497748

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