Gillfab® 1002


Gillfab® 1002 is a high temperature laminate made from phenolic resin with fiberglass cloth reinforcement.


The laminate is designed to be used in structural applications near heat sources, where strength at elevated temperatures is required.


  • Very low smoke evolution in a fire
  • High mechanical strength
  • Heat resistant
  • Can be painted with proper surface treatment
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Service temperature range: 350°F (177°C) in continuously elevated temperature, 500°F (260°C) in intermittently elevated temperature


Thickness, inch (mm)0.020 (0.508) and up to 2.00 (50.80), in multiples of 0.010 (0.254)
Length, inch (mm)Typical 96 (2,438), Maximum 144 (3,658)
Width, inch (mm)Typical 48 (1,219), Maximum 60 (1,524)


Resin: Phenolic resin

Reinforcement: Woven fiberglass cloth


  • Douglas DMS 1556
  • Mil P 25515, Grade A

Alternative Gill Products

TGC Product No.Difference
Gillfab® 1042 Phenolic/woven fiberglass laminate for lower temperature application, service temperature up to 300°F (149°C).
Gillfab® 1694 Phenolic/woven fiberglass laminate. Excellent impact strength and lower service temperature.

Performance Properties, Typical

The following tests are run in accordance with DMS 1556.

TGC Part Number1002-125
Weight, psf (kg/m2)1.20 (5.86)
Thickness, inch (mm)0.125 (3.18)
Flexural Strength, ksi (Mpa)
Ambient69 (476)
160°F, 1/2 hr exposure56 (386)
300°F, 1/2 hr exposure43 (296)
500°F, 1/2 hr exposure55 (379)
2 hr boil in deionize water65 (448)
Flexural Modulus, msi (Gpa)
Ambient3.0 (21)
160°F, 1/2 hr exposure3.0 (21)
300°F, 1/2 hr exposure3.0 (21)
500°F, 1/2 hr exposure3.0 (21)
2 hr boil in deionize water2.5 (17)
Tensile Strength, ksi (Mpa)
Ambient45 (310)
300°F, 1/2 hr exposure35 (241)
500°F, 1/2 hr exposure30 (207)
2 hr boil in deionize water38 (262)
Compression Strength, ksi (Mpa)
Ambient40 (276)
300°F, 1/2 hr exposure33 (228)
500°F, 1/2 hr exposure30 (207)
2 hr boil in deionize water30 (207)
Water absorption, %0.25
Barcol Hardness179
FlammabilityMeets FAR 25.853 & 855 App F Part I

1Barcol hardness is a relative hardness measurement without unit.

Figures shown reflect typical values and should not be used as design specifications

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