Gillfab® 1042


Gillfab® 1042 is a heat resistant laminate made from phenolic resin with fiberglass cloth reinforcement with smooth bondable faces intended for both laminate and sandwich construction.


The laminate is designed for general purpose aircraft interior applications, usually as facing on sandwich panels or for shim stock.


  • Low smoke emission in a fire
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Smooth, bondable face side for polyvinyl fluoride film overlay
  • Can be painted with proper surface treatment
  • Service temperature: -150°F to 300°F (-101°C to 149°C)


Thickness, inch (mm)0.010 (0.254) and up to 0.750 (19.05),in multiples of 0.005 (0.127)
Length, inch (mm)Typical 96 (2,438), Maximum 144 (3,658)
Width, inch (mm)Typical 48 (1,219), Maximum 72 (1,829)


Resin: Phenolic resin

Reinforcement: Woven fiberglass cloth


  • McDonnell Douglas DMS 1558L, Ty II
  • FAR 25.853 and 25.855. Fire resistance

Alternative Gill Products

TGC Product No.Difference
Gillfab® 1002 Phenolic/woven fiberglass laminate for high temperature application, service temperature up to 500°F (260°C).
Gillfab® 1342Phenolic/woven fiberglass laminate. Similar construction with peel ply intended for bonding of sandwich construction.

Performance Properties, Typical

TGC Part Number1042-0601042-125
Weight, psf (kg/m2)0.66 (3.22)0.95 (4.64)
Flexural Strength, Warp/Fill, ksi (Mpa)
After 2 hr boiling
74 (510)1
72 (496)1
91 (627)/73 (503)
Flexural Modulus, Warp/Fill, msi (Gpa)
After 2 hr boiling
3.2 (22)1
3.1 (21)1
4.5 (31)/4.1 (28)
Tensile Strength, Warp/Fill, ksi (Mpa)
After 2 hr boiling
45 (310)1
45 (310)1
63 (434)/53(365)
Tensile Modulus, msi (Gpa)
After 2 hr boiling
3.2 (22)1
3.1 (21)1
Compressive Strength, ksi (Mpa)
After 2 hr boiling
45 (310)
42 (290)
Impact, in-lbs (N-m)45 (5.08)N/A
Resin Content, %N/A29
Barcol Hardness2N/A79
Smoke Emission, Ds4N/A
FlammabilityMeets FAR 25.853 and 855 App F Part IMeets FAR 25.853 and 855 App F Part I
Water absorption, % 0.253N/A
Thermal Expansion, 10-5 °C 1.5-3.03N/A
Taber Abrasion resistance loss/1,000 cycle CS10 wheel, grams (lbs) 0.05 (1.1×10-4) N/A
Dielectric Strength, Volts/mil350-500N/A
Dielectric Constant, cps5-7N/A
Dissipation factor, cps0.04-0.05N/A

1Measure on warp direction
2Barcol hardness is a relative hardness measurement without unit
3Based on a 0.010″ 1042 laminate sample

Figures shown reflect typical values and should not be used as design specifications.

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