Gillfab® 1367A/C


Gillfab® 1367A is a high strength, low FST grade liner constructed using a combination of woven E and/or S-glass cloth with a modified phenolic resin system and a 1 ml white polyvinyl fluoride film overlay on the face side for surface reflectivity and uniform appearance.1367C is the designation supplied in roll stock.


Cargo liners for cargo compartment, bulkhead facings and blowout panels for aircraft. Also used as backing material for non-textile floor mats used in wet areas of cabin interior (without polyvinyl fluoride film overlay).


  • High impact strength
  • Fire resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Low smoke and toxicity generation
  • Service temperature -40°F to 220°F (-40°C to 110°C)


Gillfab® 1367A
(Sheet form)
Gillfab® 1367C
(Roll form)
inch (mm)
0.013 (0.330)
0.020 (0.508)
0.025 (0.635)
0.030 (0.762)
0.040 (1.016)
0.045 (1.143)
0.060 (1.524)
0.013 (0.330)
0.020 (0.508)
0.030 (0.762)
LengthStandard 144 inch (3,658 mm)
Maximum 168 inch (4,267 mm)
Standard 150 feet (45,720 mm)
Maximum 150 feet (45,720 mm)
WidthStandard 48 inch (1,219 mm)
Maximum 72 inch (1,829 mm)
Standard 48 inch (1,219 mm)
Maximum 60 inch (1,524 mm)
SidesStandardBMS 8-223, GR CDMS 2419, CL 2Available Upon Request
ColorFace side1 mil White Polyvinyl Fluoride Film2 mil Beige Polyvinyl Fluoride FilmAmberGranite Grey
Desert Sand
ColorBack sideAmberAmberAmberAmber


Reinforcement: Woven fiberglass cloth

Resin System: Phenolic

Surface Finish: 1 mil white polyvinyl fluoride film overlay for standard application


Gillfab® 1367A

  • Boeing BMS 8-223, Class 2, Grade B, Types 13 through 40
  • McDonnell Douglas DMS 2419 Classes 1 and 2, Types 13 through 40
  • Airbus 2550 MIM 000800, Airbus Types 1 through 5
  • FAR 25.853 and 25.855


Gillfab® 1367C

  • Similar to 1367A but produced in roll stock

Alternative Gillfab® 1367 Products

Gillfab® 1367 series are high strength, high impact and fire resistant fiberglass reinforced phenolic laminates for aircraft cargo liner applications.

TGC Product No.Difference
Gillfab® 1367Slightly higher impact values than 1367A, and offering additional thickness.
Gillfab® 1367AEconomical alternative to 1367 with standard weight and thickness requirements.
Gillfab® 1367BThinner and lighter than 1367A.
Gillfab® 1367C1367A in roll form.
Gillfab® 1367E1367A with 1mil white polyvinyl fluoride film bonded to both faces of the laminate.
Gillfab® 1367F1367A molded to a “Z” shape for wire spacing in cargo bay.
Gillfab® 1367GExtremely thin, lightweight and superior impact strength to corresponding types.
Gillfab® 1367M1367B in roll form.
Gillpatch® 1367PPatch laminate intend for repairing facings of 1367A.

Performance Properties, Typical

The following tests are run in accordance with BMS 8-223, DMS2419, AI2250 MIM000800 and HMS E2-001 specification requirements.

TGC Part Number1367A013
Thickness, inch (mm)0.013 (0.33)0.020 (0.51)0.025 (0.64)0.030 (0.76)0.040 (1.02)0.045 (1.14)0.060 (1.52)
Weight, psf (kg/m2)0.12 (0.59)0.20 (0.98)0.25 (1.22)0.29 (1.42)0.38 (1.86)0.44 (2.15)0.56 (2.73)
Impact Strength, ft-lbs (N-m) 11 (15)115 (20)118 (24)219 (26)125 (34)125 (34)232 (44)2
Bolted Joint Strength, lbs (N)
Warp225 (1,003)254 (1,131)N/A312 (1,388)385 (1,713)N/AN/A
Fill233 (1,038)261 (1,163)N/A314 (1,397)390 (1,736)N/AN/A
Double Point Edge Bearing, lbs (N)Warp315 (1,401)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Fill310 (1,379)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
FlammabilityMeets FAR 25.853 & 855 Appendix F Part I & III
Polyvinyl Fluoride FilmPeel Separation, inch No Polyvinyl Fluoride Film Peel Separation

1BSS 7326; 2ASTM D 5420
Figures shown reflect typical values and should not be used as design specifications.

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