Gillfab® 4122S


Gillfab ® 4122S is a light weight and low smoke emission sandwich panel made from woven glass reinforced phenolic facings bonded to meta-aramid honeycomb core. 1 mil white polyvinyl fluoride film overlay can be added on one or both sides upon request.


This versatile panel is typically used for aircraft interior applications such as sidewall, cargo compartments, bulkheads, galley, lavatory, and ceiling panels.


  • Low smoke emission
  • Good burn through resistance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High strength to weight ratio


Thickness1, inch (mm)0.250 (6.35)
0.500 (12.70)
0.750 (19.05)
1.000 (25.40)
Length, inch (mm)Typical 144 (3,658)
Width, inch (mm)Typical 48 (1,219)
ColorNatural or White

1 Different panel thicknesses available upon request


Adhesive: Modified phenolic

Core: Gillcore® HD honeycomb

Facings Reinforcement: 7781 Fiberglass cloth

Facings Resin System: Phenolic

1 mil white polyvinyl fluoride film overlay can be added on one or both sides upon request.


  • FAR Part 25.853 and 25.855 Appendix F Part I

Performance Properties, Typical

Below values are typical of 4122S panels and should NOT be used as design values.
FAA approved B-Basis allowables for 4122S250, 4122S500, and 4122S750 mechanical properties and FAA forms 8110-3 are available upon request.

TGC Part Number4122S2504122S5004122S7504122S1.0
Physical Properties
Panel Thickness, inch (mm)0.247 (6.2)0.497 (12.6)0.744 (18.9)1.000 (25.4)
Nominal Facing Thickness 1 , inch (mm) 0.020/0.020
Areal Weight, PSF (kg/m2)0.48 (2.34)0.54 (2.64)0.60 (2.93)0.65 (3.17)
Mechanical Properties
Long Beam Bending2Ultimate Load, lbf (N)Ribbon75 (334)200 (890)290 (1290)360 (1601)
Transverse80 (356)190 (845)275 (1223)340 (1512)
Facesheet Ultimate Strength, ksi (MPa)Ribbon30 (207)
Transverse30 (207)
Short Beam Shear3Ultimate Load, lbf (N)
Ribbon280 (1246)475 (2113)670 (2980)755 (3358)
Transverse145 (645)265 (1179)375 (1668)455 (2024)
Core Shear Ultimate Strength, psi (MPa)Ribbon200 (1.38)160 (1.10)150 (1.03)125 (0.86)
Transverse105 (0.72)90 (0.62)85 (0.59)77 (0.53)
Core Compression Ultimate Strength4, psi (MPa)420 (2.90)355 (2.45)335 (2.31)335 (2.31)
In-Plane Shear Ultimate Strength5, lbf/inch (N/mm)N/AN/A455 (80)N/A
Flammability Properties
FlammabilityMeets FAR 25.853 and 855 App. F Part I

1 Each facing includes two layers of 7781 fiberglass cloth. Different facing thicknesses are available upon request.
2 Long Beam Bending was tested and Facesheet Ultimate Strength was calculated per ASTM D7249. Specimens were tested with 4-point bending configuration (4” loading span and 22” support span).
3 Short Beam Shear was tested and Core Shear Ultimate Strength was calculated per ASTM C393. Specimens were tested with 3-point bending configuration (6” support span).
4 Core Compression was tested and calculated per ASTM C365.
5 In-Plane Panel Shear specimens were tested per ASTM D8067.

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