Gilliner® 1076D


Gilliner® 1076D is a high wear resistant Grade liner constructed from woven E-glass Cloth with a polyester resin system introduced specifically for use in the B737 lower sidewall. This product features resin rich surfaces to address wear through over frame sections and attach points that are associated with repetitive bulk cargo loading.


Cargo liners for cargo compartment, bulkhead facing for aircraft. Designed for lower sidewalls where in-service conditions may result in wear through over frame sections, impact damage and/or fastener hole tear out at attach points.


  • High abrasion and wear resistance
  • Superior strength to weight ratio
  • Fire resistant
  • Superior impact strength
  • Service temperature to 180°F (82°C)


Thickness, inch (mm)0.020 (0.51) and 0.045 (1.14)
LengthMaximum 144 in (3,658 mm) in sheet form
Maximum 150 feet (45,720 mm) in roll form
Width, inch (mm)Typical 48 (1,219), Maximum 60 (1,524) for roll
Typical 48 (1,219), Maximum 72 (1,829) for sheet


Resin: Polyester

Reinforcement: Woven E-glass fiber cloth, Non-woven adhesive carrier for high wear resistant applications

Surface: Glossy


  • BMS 8-2, Class 3, Grade A
  • FAR Part 25 Appendix F Parts I and III (burn through)

Performance Properties, Typical

The following tests are run in accordance with BMS 8-2 specification requirements.

TGC Part Number1076D Type 201076D Type 45
Thickness, in (mm)0.020 (0.51)0.045 (1.14)
Weight, psf (kg/m2)0.10 (0.49)0.47 (2.29)
Tensile Strength Warp direction, ksi (mpa)73 (503)73 (503)
Fill direction, ksi (mpa)57 (393)66 (455)
Flexural Strength Warp direction, ksi (mpa)N/A46 (317)
Fill direction, ksi (mpa)N/A44 (303)
Flexural Modulus Warp direction, ksi (mpa)N/A2.6 (18.0)
Fill direction, ksi (mpa)N/A3.0 (21.0)
Water Absorption, %0.840.40
Bond Strength, lbs (N)848 (3,772)918 (4,083)
Impact, ft-lbs (N-m)11 (15)23 (31)
Edge Bearing Strength Warp direction, ksi (mpa)50 (345)38 (262)
Fill direction, ksi (mpa)43 (296)35 (241)
FlammabilityMeets requirements of FAR 25.853 & 855 Appendix F Part I & III

Figures shown reflect typical values and should not be used as design specifications.

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