GillVANA® 4809G


GillVANA® 4809G is a damped sandwich panel made from unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced epoxy facings bonded to GillVANA® honeycomb core. The para-aramid / phenolic honeycomb core is coated with GillVANA® resin containing a damped material to provide acoustic benefits, while still meeting physical, mechanical and flammability requirements. Outer panel surfaces feature fiberglass overlay to help protect against galvanic corrosion.

The United States Patent #10,933,605.


GillVANA® sandwich panels are ideally suited for commercial passenger aircraft flooring, sidewalls and ceiling panels delivering a weight-efficient solution of vibration and noise attenuation.


  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Good impact strength
  • Excellent machinability and bonding surfaces
  • Resistant to galvanic corrosion
  • Excellent strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios
  • Very light-weight and negligible panel deflection under load


4809G Type X4809 Type XI
Panel Thickness, inch0.400.40
Facing Thickness (face/back), inch0.010 / 0.0100.020 / 0.020
Length, inch144 inches
Width, inch48 inches
HoneycombGillVANA® core-medium densityGillVANA® core-high density


Adhesive: Epoxy film

Core: GillVANA® honeycomb core

Reinforcement: Unidirectional carbon fiber with glass overlay

Resin System: Epoxy


  • Qualified to BMS 4-20
  • FAR 25.853

Performance Properties, Typical

The following tests are run in accordance with ASTM & The Gill Corporation internal test methods.

TGC Part NumberUnit4809G Type X4809G Type XITest Method
Areal Weightlb/ft2 (kg/m2)0.830 (4.05)1.06 (5.18)TGC-GTP 85
Thicknessinch (mm)0.40 (10)0.40 (10)TGC-GTP 86
Long beam flexure load, Ribbon-RTAlbf (N)400 (1,800)950 (4,200)ASTM D7249
(20 inches support span, 10 inches load span. Specimen size 24 inches x 3 inches)
Deflection at 100 lbf-RTAinch (mm)0.370 (9.40)0.210 (5.30)ASTM D7249
Long beam flexure load, Ribbon-RTWlbf (N)360 (1,600)900 (4,000)ASTM D7249
(20 inches support span, 10 inches load span.
Specimen size 24 inches x 3 inches)
Panel shear, Ribbon-RTAlbf (N) 1,000 (4,400) 1,600 (7,100)ASTM C393
(4 inches support span, midpoint loading,
Specimen size 7 inches x 3 inches)
CD peel-RTA in.lbf per 3 in. width
( per 76 mm width)
27 (310)35 (400)ASTM D1781
CD peel-RTW in.lbf per 3 in. width
( per 76 mm width)
25 (290)32 (370) ASTM D1781
Insert Shear-RTA lbf (N) 1,300 (5,800) 1,500 (6,700)TGC-GTP 167
(Test specimen size 8 inches x 3 inches.
Hole diameter .455±0.015 inch, and
0.47±0.03 inch distance from specimen edge to the hole center)
Impact strength-RTA in.lbf (N.m)20 (2)45 (5)ASTM D5420
(Impactor head diameter 0.125 inch)
Stabilized core compression-RTAlbf/in2 (kg/cm2)1,800 (130)2,900 (200)ASTM C365
Warpagein/ft (mm/m)0.025 (2.1) 0.040 (3.3)TGC-GTP 45
Food cart roller testCycles without failure>160,000 at 158 lb/wheel>160,000 at 198 lb/wheelTGC-GTP 73
Flammability-60 secondsFAR 25.853 App. F, part 1a (1) (i)
-Self-extinguishing time
-Burn length
-Drip extinguish time
inch (mm)
2 (51)
2 (51)
Flammability-30 seconds 45° angleFAR 25.853 App. F, part 2 (iii)
-Self-extinguishing time
-Glow time, seconds

No penetration
No penetration

Figures shown reflect typical values and should not be used as design specifications

RTA: Room Temperature Ambient

RTW: Sample exposed to 100% relative humidity at 120°F±3 for 30 ±1 days, and tested at room temperature

Acoustic Performance Properties, Typical

The acoustic test is done in accordance with ASTM E756-05. The procedure determination of vibration damping characteristics of sandwich panels.

Figures shown reflect typical values and should not be used as design specifications.

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