Higrid® Corrugated Aluminum Honeycomb


HIGRID® high strength corrugated aluminum honeycomb offers an ideal solution for fastener inserts and edge reinforcements in honeycomb structures. It also excels as a high impact energy absorber. Produced by bonding together corrugated sheets of aluminum foil, much higher densities are possible than with conventional expanded honeycomb.

In sandwich structures where localized strength and stiffness are required, HIGRID® outperforms alternative materials. Easier to use than microballoon epoxy potting compounds, it is also stronger and more reliable with no possibility of bubbles or voids. If damaged, HIGRID® will deform instead of exhibiting epoxy’s brittle behavior. HIGRID® is also lighter and less expensive than aluminum extrusions and machined aluminum details, without any of the fit-up problems between these metal parts and the surrounding core. Before installation, simply wrap the plug in core-splice adhesive and insert it into the low density core. After bonding, it is ready to accept fasteners.

For fastener inserts, edge reinforcements and high impact energy absorbers, HIGRID® is the answer.


  • Fastener inserts
  • Edge reinforcements
  • Lateral edge closeouts of control surfaces
  • Reinforcement around actuator attachments
  • High load energy absorbers
  • Edge framing for load carrying
  • Localized strength and densification
  • Any application requiring very high mechanical strength


  • Much stronger than epoxy-filled honeycomb
  • Higher strength-to-weight than metal inserts
  • Excellent shear strength between skin and core
  • Pre-cut to size, easy installation
  • Reliable, no air bubbles or voids
  • Tight tolerance eliminates fit-up problems
  • Benign failure mode
  • No irritants or evolving gases


  • Blocks
  • Flat sheets
  • Fabricated shapes


HIGRID® corrugated aluminum honeycomb is produced in 5052 alloy, with either our DURA-CORE® II modifed conversion coating or our PAA-CORE® phosphoric acid anodized protection. Custom dimensions, cell sizes, tolerances and mechanical properties are available.


Substrate: 5052 alloy

Coating: Dura-Core® II modified conversion coating or PAA-Core® phosphoric acid anodized protection

How to Order

When ordering, please specify HIGRID® using the following format: Example: HIGRID – PAA – 22.1 – 1/8, where

ProductCoatingDensityCell Size
HIGRID®DUR or PAA22.11/8

Available Dimensions

Ribbon (L) inch (mm)96 (2,438)96 (2,438)+1.0 / -0.0 (+25.4 / -0.0)
Transverse (W) inch (mm)12 (305)24 (610)±1.0 (±25.4)
Thickness (T) inch (mm)16 (406)16 (406)
up to 4 inches (102 mm) T±0.005 (±0.127)
over to 4 inches (102 mm) T±0.062 (±1.575)
Densitysee mechanical characteristics chart±15%
Cell Sizesee mechanical characteristics chart±15%

Mechanical Characteristics

(HIGRID® Typical values at 75° F – US units)

DensityCell SizeCrush StrengthCompressive StrengthBeam Shear Strength

(HIGRID® Typical values at 23° C – Si/metric units)

DensityCell SizeCrush StrengthCompressive StrengthBeam Shear Strength

*For bisected cell configurations, Cell Size refers to the size of a half-hexagon.

Roll-Forming Grades

If your operation calls for roll-forming HIGRID®, The Gill Corporation has optimized these following grades for enhanced roll-formability:

  • 22.1 – 3/32
  • 25.0 – 3/32
  • 55.0 – 3/64

Should you need roll-formed HIGRID® but cannot or choose not to roll-form it yourself, please ask us about The Gill Corporation Precision Processing. Besides roll-forming to your requirements, we can also pot, stabilize, rout, heat form, planform, chamfer, saw, bond, 3- and 5-axis machine and more. If you need this in a hurry, we also offer The Gill Corporation Precision Express, where your custom-machined core details can be on their way to you within 48 hours of your order. Please contact your Gill Corporation customer service representative for more information.

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