STRIKEGRID® CEAF is a phosphoric acid anodized (PAA) continuous expanded aluminum foil (CEAF) product that also includes a proprietary coating which combines to negate the effects of galvanic corrosion when used in conjunction with carbon prepreg materials. STRIKEGRID® can be bonded to aircraft structures either as an outer ply or embedded ‘one-ply down’ beneath a layer of surfacing film.


  • Aircraft control surfaces
  • Exposed composite surfaces
  • Composite fuselage and aircraft engine nacelles
  • High-performance composite structures
  • Marine and naval panels
  • Wind turbine blades


  • Able to withstand lightning strikes of up to 200K amps
  • Unsurpassed corrosion resistance and bond durability
  • Elevated temperature performance to 350°F/177°C
  • Prevents surface micro-cracking
  • Fire and fungus resistant
  • Eliminates the need for priming
  • Highly adaptable with ply-cutting equipment when combined with surface films
  • Available in continuous rolls


STRIKEGRID® CEAF is now available in continuous roll form for SG-3 (2 mil) in 24” wide rolls and SG-4 (4 mil) material in 36” wide rolls. Both SG-3 and SG-4 are 2,500 linear foot rolls (splices allowed per roll will be two or less, with a minimum 50 feet between splice locations).

Roll WidthLength (linear ft)Area (square foot)Length (m)Area (square meter)
24″ (610mm)250 to 1,250500 to 2,50076.2 to 38146.5 to 232
36″ (915mm)167 to 833500 to 2,50051 to 25446.5 to 232



STRIKEGRID® Layering Schematic


Product DesignationSG-3SG-4
Aluminum Alloy11451145
Width, inches (mm)24″ (610)24″ to 36″ (610 to 915)
Weight, psf (gsm)0.013 (63)0.016 (78)
Overall Thickness, inches (mm)0.002 (0.050)0.004 (0.100)


Boeing BMS 8-336, material specification for Type 1, Class 2, Grade 013, Form B, Style F for SG-3, 2 mil thick material and Type 1, Class 2, Grade 016, Form B, Style F for SG-4, 4 mil thick material. Boeing BMS 8-336, Boeing D-800, Goodrich RMS-0523, HAFEI Aviation Q/2AJ640-2009, Mitsubishi (MHI) 5200MAS, MRAS STMB-M533, Spirit AeroSystems SMS-110101B.

STRIKEGRID® CEAF is currently used on Boeing B737, B777, B787, 747-8 and the MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet) aircraft.

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