Truck Day

I’ve been a baseball fan most of my life. When I was young and became interested in baseball there were no major league baseball teams in the Los Angeles area. The neighborhood boys all had to pick a team to root for. Because Ted Williams was from California I chose the Boston Red Sox.

I’ve been loyal to them since that day. The Dodgers moved to Los Angeles about 5 years later and I stayed with the Red Sox. In the early 1960s Major League Baseball expanded and the new Los Angeles team took the name of “Angels” after the minor league team that had played in the Los Angeles area. I rooted for them and still do, but the Red Sox are my favorite.

Each year in Boston the Red Sox load all the baseball gear on a truck and drive it to their Spring Training site. Each year on that day to celebrate the return of baseball, we at the headquarters in El Monte gather on the lawn in front of Building #7 and toss the ball around for a while.

We’ve been doing this for over a decade on Boston’s Truck Day. The people who participate wear gear from their favorite team and we enjoy the coming spring and the camaraderie.

It’s one of the quirky things a family business can do.

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